The inevitable second corona-wave has started. Temperatures go down and rainy days have reached Northern-Europe, an ideal setting for the spread of the virus. Still there are remarkable differences between countries. Germany does much better than The Netherlands, and Portugal does much better than Spain.

The answer is not in the testing, as Germany has famously the most tests of all and The Netherlands still trails behind. It seems that the reasons for the differences are mainly the local measures that are implemented, especially when it comes to metropolitan aereas.

Also in Portugal, Lisbon and surroundings have a much higher contamination-rate than the Algarve and the Alentejo. Luckily for us in the Algarve the summer went smoothly by in the Algarve. No increase of corona numbers because of tourism. The foreign guests have all stayed nicely in their family-bubbles and have respected the rules.

Here in the Algarve we are confident that this second wave will blow over without much ado. We will just sit in the sun and enjoy  (we´re having 28 degrees as I write this).