Half of the people on holiday in the Algarve dream about the idea of owning their own holiday-home here, and probably even about one day moving here for good. We estimate that there are over 40,000 foreign residents here, mainly British (30,000), Dutch (6,000) and German, but also Belgian, Swedish, Danish and more. And then there are probably at least 100,000 foreigners that have their second home here in which they stay some weeks or months per year.  Almost all of them started off as tourists, just like you.

Especially from 2013, buying a house in Portugal is a good investment as the prices are at their all-time low. 

Buying a house in Portugal is not complicated at all, especially if you have a professional real estate broker helping you out. That does not cost anything by the way, as the real estate brokers are getting a commission only from the sellers of a house.

If you would be seriously interested in buying a house in Portugal, then let us know, since Paula is working as a real estate broker for one of the best-known and biggest agencies in Portugal. She will be happy to come over and explain to you how it works, and what the house of your dreams would cost. You might be pleasantly surprised...