Half of the people on holiday in the Algarve dream about the idea of owning their own holiday-home here, and probably even about one day moving here for good. We estimate that there are over 100,000 foreign home-owners here, mainly British, Dutch and German, but also Belgian, Swedish, Danish and more. Almost all of them started off as tourists, just like you.

Buying a house in Portugal is not complicated at all, especially if you have a professional real estate broker helping you out. That does not cost anything by the way, as the real estate brokers are getting a commission only from the sellers of a house. So if you are browsing for houses to buy, make sure you select a good real estate broker to help you getting the best house, getting the best deal, and getting all the bureocracy done. 

If you seriously want to buy a house in Portugal, then let us know, we have a few very good contacts.

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