Many of the well known big holiday homes websites treat winter rentals the same as summer rentals. They will give guests a discount for the long stay but otherwise they do not treat this special season differently. We suggest that home owners do treat winter guests differently, because of some simple reasons:

  1. Winter guests are usually couples over 50, that take very good care of their “winter holiday home”.
  2. Winter guests like to rent a bigger house just so that children and grandchildren can come and stay for a week or so. But most of the time there will be there just the two of them in a, maybe, large house. And when the kids and grandchildren stay with them, they will behave like they should in their grandparents house: good. 
  3. Winter guests stay long, and as soon as they are accostumed to the house they will require little or no attention. They know the ropes and they don't do anything foolish. 
  4. A house that is occupied in winter stays in much better condition than a house that is empty for 5 or 6 months.