The Musang Taoist laughed and said, "Chengzhi, do you dare to lie to your master?" "I dare not," said Chengzhi. "Well," said Musang, "let me ask you, have I ever personally taught you martial arts since I left Huashan? Listen, did I teach it myself? Only then did Chengzhi understand that Musang wanted Qingqing to teach him. It turned out that he was afraid that Master and Second Elder Martial Brother would blame him. The Taoist Priest was so quaint that he had expected everything. So he replied, "The Taoist Priest didn't teach me personally. After we met, we only played a game of chess." "That's it," said Musang with a smile. "If you practice with your Elder Martial Brother again, you're not allowed to use any of the martial arts I taught you before." Chengzhi said, "Second Elder Martial Brother is known as the invincible magic fist. He really lives up to his reputation. The disciple couldn't resist it. He was about to ask Second Elder Martial Brother to stop, but he knew he had seen the master.". As soon as the move was made, the disciple could no longer take care of the other places. "All right, all right," said Mu with a clear smile. Since the Taoist wants you to practice, what are you afraid of if you offer your ugliness? "Chengzhi had no choice but to straighten his skirt. He approached Gui Xinshu and bowed to him, saying," Second Elder Martial Brother, please give me some advice. " "All right," said Gui Xinshu. Turning to Mu Renqing, he said, "We are wrong. Please give me some advice." The two men put it right again,30ml Dropper Bottle, and this competition was different from that just now. Gui Xinshu was able to lose face in front of his master, elder brother and disciples. He saw that the attack was as fast as thunder, the punctuality was like mountains, and the master's skill was really extraordinary. yuan Chengzhi is also offensive and defensive, all the use of the school stunt, dismantled more than a hundred strokes, there is no flaw in the boxing. Mu Renqing and Mu Sang twirled their beards and smiled. Mu Sang said with a smile, "It's true that a great teacher produces a great student. A strong general has no weak soldiers.". After seeing your two virtuous disciples,Empty Glass Foundation Bottle, I was a little jealous and regretted not teaching them well in those years. As they spoke, the two men made dozens of moves. Gui Xinshu could not fight for a long time, and his heart was restless. As soon as his boxing method changed, the offensive suddenly broke out. Chengzhi thought, at this time, I should let him make a move. But Gui Xinshu's moves were extremely powerful. As long as he didn't use all his strength to parry, he would be seriously injured immediately. It was not easy to let him make a move. When he hit the point, he suddenly thought to himself, "Listen to the tone of the master just now. It seems that he doesn't agree with me that I am greedy for more things and study other schools of miscellaneous learning.". At first, I used the three schools of martial arts to fight against the Second Elder Martial Brother, and I had a little advantage. Now, with my own martial arts, I can only draw with the wind. Isn't this another school of martial arts better than my own? I have to use other martial arts to lose to him. At the moment, the fist moves changed immediately, making a set of "Golden Snake Catching Crane Fist". Gui Xinshu saw the move, and the offensive did not slow down at all. Chengzhi suddenly recorded four strange moves in a row. Gui Xinshu was taken aback and punched back to protect himself. Chengzhi breathed a sigh of relief and was lucky. After Gui Xinshu saw him, his heart suddenly revealed a gap. It was the nature of the martial arts family to enter the void. Without thinking, 16 Oz Clear Plastic Bottles With Caps ,Glass Cream Jars, he attacked the other side's vest with one hand. Chengzhi was ready. He jumped forward and fell four or five steps. He turned around and said, "I lost." As soon as Gui Xinshu hit him, he felt very regretful. He was afraid that the Younger Martial Brother would be seriously injured, so he rushed up to help him. Knowing that he was at a loss, he was very surprised. It turned out that Chengzhi was protected by luck and a gold vest given by Musang. Although there was a sharp pain in his back, he was not injured internally. yuan Chengzhi turned around, and everyone saw his heart split into pieces after his long clothes. A gust of wind passed, and the clothes flew with the wind. Extremely concerned, Qingqing rushed over and asked, "Doesn't it matter?" "Don't worry," said Chengzhi. Mu Renqing said to Gui Xinshu, "You are really good at kung fu, but you use this move too ruthlessly. Do you know that?" Gui Xinshu said, "Younger Martial Brother yuan's skill is superior to that of the disciple. The disciple is convinced." "In recent years," said Mu Renqing, "I have often heard people say that you two connive at your disciples and are very ostentatious outside. I thought your wife didn't understand things very well, and you weren't that kind of person, but look at what you just did to your younger martial brother, hum! Gui Xinshu lowered his head and said, "I know I'm wrong." Musang said, "In a contest of martial arts, no one can tolerate it. Anyway, Chengzhi wasn't hurt. What else are you talking about?" Mu Renqing stopped talking. Gui Xinshu and his wife have been famous for a long time. They are the leaders of Jiangnan Wulin. This time, they were scolded by their master in public, and they were even more angry with yuan Chengzhi. Mu Renqing said, "Chuang Wang is going to rise up in a big way this autumn. You should contact the Wulin brothers in the south of the Yangtze River as soon as possible. When Chuang Wang Yiqi goes south, he will respond.".
"Gui Xinshu and his wife answered.". Mu Renqing said to yuan Chengzhi, "You and your little friend are going to Beijing to inquire about the situation of the imperial court, but you are not allowed to frighten the snake, and you are not allowed to harm the lives of the people in the court. When you have important news, you should rush to Shaanxi to report it." yuan Chengzhi agreed. "I'm going to see Zheng Qiyun, the Lord of the Seventy-two Islands, and Master Shili of the Shaolin Temple tonight," said Mu Renqing. Brother Musangdao, where are you going? Musang said with a smile, "You are benevolent and righteous men. You are concerned about the country and the people. You are busy all day, but you are idle and wild. I want to delay your little disciple for a few days, okay?" "Anyway," said Mu Renqing with a smile, "he promised to teach others martial arts. He'll have to stay in Nanjing for a few more days. You can play a few more games of chess. How much skill do you have? Why don't you pass it on to him? Laugh and turn away. Huang Zhen and Cui Qiushan followed, but the mute stood still and gestured that he wanted to be with Chengzhi. "Well," said Mu Renqing with a smile, "if you miss your little friend, just follow him." Make a gesture to show permission. The mute was overjoyed and rushed over to pick up yuan Chengzhi. Qingqing was startled. Seeing his face happy in the moonlight, he realized that he had no malice. As soon as Chengzhi and Master and Cui Qiushan meet, they want to break up again, and they are very reluctant to part with each other. "You're very good," said Mu Renqing with a smile. "It's not in vain for everyone to teach you." As soon as the sleeve of the robe was brushed, the body was hidden in the darkness. Gui Xinshu and his wife saw each other off, and when Master and Elder Martial Brother disappeared, they bowed to Musang without saying a word, took the child in their arms,Uv Gel Nail Polish Bottle, and led the three disciples away. Musang said to Chengzhi, "They already have a grudge against you. These two men's kung fu is no small matter. Be careful when you meet them in the future." Chengzhi nodded and offended the Second Elder Martial Brother for no reason. He was quite depressed. After returning to Jiao's house, he fell asleep.