Ji turned to look at Lan Baoer, at this time after the introduction of Frey, Lan Baoer has not been so afraid, is peeking out from his shoulder. Seeing Ji's playful eyes, Qiao blushed, and then loosened his grip on his clothes, smoothed the wrinkles, and walked out carefully. Elder Martial Brother, do you have a dragon as a partner? Ji asked curiously. If you don't envy, it's impossible, even if the level of the dragon in front of you is not as good as the wind and frost, it can't reach the strength of the top mythical beast. But at least not below the seventh order. With such a partner, it's no wonder that no one in the whole school of Yin and Yang dares to challenge Fury. Moreover, at this time, Ji Dong also saw that at the root of Zilei Yaotian Dragon's neck, there was an artificial, blue-purple metal saddle bridge for people to ride on. The saddle extended to the lower part of the neck, with metal buckles on both sides. Once sitting on it, it seemed to be able to protect the rider's waist,faux ficus tree, buttocks and legs. Frey said: "In the practice of our Yin and Yang Masters, three crowns, six crowns and nine crowns are all difficult checkpoints, and they are also the biggest breakthroughs in strength leap.". Strength over the Triple Crown, in the display of magic, not only release their own magic, but also can trigger the magic elements between heaven and earth for your use. At the same time,large artificial blossom trees, it leads to the totem of its own magic attributes. Strength increases by geometric multiples. And breaking through the six crowns, in addition to the magic leap again, to achieve the realm of skill changing with thought and endless life. The greatest advantage is to have a chance to fulfill the equal contract. In this case, as long as you can find a suitable Warcraft, in the case of its consent or weakness, the contract is successful. Then it will be your partner in battle. Many magicians who have passed the sixth rank call them mounts, but I don't think so. Only close partners, on the battlefield, can help each other to the greatest extent. Ji Dong was surprised and said, "So the magician will have his own Warcraft partner after he reaches the six crowns?" Fury shook his head and said, "You can't say that.". If you just look for an ordinary Warcraft, it's easy to make a contract, and it's not difficult to match attributes. But looking for a particularly powerful Warcraft is not so simple. Strength can break through the six crown of the magic division is a generation of strong, the opportunity to contract only once. Therefore, cherry blossom wedding centerpiece ,silk olive tree, generally they will be very careful to choose. If you find a particularly powerful Warcraft, you will also find some strong people to help you subdue it and then release the contract. This is the practice of most magicians. But that's not the case with Thunder and me. If that's the case, it's a slavery contract, which can make Warcraft obey orders, but it's hard to be single-minded. Thunder and I met by chance, and I helped it destroy a powerful opponent. It also recognized me, so there is now an equal contract, and we are good friends. It won't leave me a hundred miles away. As long as I call with thunder and lightning, through the power of the contract, it will come to me. Besides me, you are the first passengers. Next to Lan Baoer, her surprised mouth turned round, and her lovely dimples were even deeper. "Brother Frey, you, you mean let's ride it?" Frey laughed and said, "What's the matter?"? Are you scared? Although Thunder's temper is not very good, it flies very smoothly. Purple thunder Yao Tianlong is the king in the sky, thunder has not yet fully grown up, now is the strength of the eighth order. However, even some ninth-order Warcraft are not willing to provoke it easily. Younger Martial Brother, look at the dragon saddle on Thunder's back. It was made by Martial Uncle for me. Now you should understand why Martial Uncle is so popular in the Academy. Even the directors dare not offend him easily. You must not be deceived by Martial Uncle's slovenly appearance. He is the richest man in our Tiangan Academy. In addition to me and Shifu, he made magic weapons for others, but they were all charged. Of course, you'll be one more. Ji Dong really understood that in other places of the Big 6, magicians with more than six crowns can be said to be rare, but there are many in the Heavenly Stem Academy.
It can be imagined that when these six-crowned magicians have their own mounts, in order to make their mounts more perfect, they naturally need some magic equipment to assist, just like the dragon saddle on Thunder. In this way, how can we not be taken seriously? Who dares to offend him? Lan Baoer looked at Frey with some envy. "Brother Frey, no wonder everyone calls you Lei Di.". Unexpectedly, you are also a dragon magician. Dragon is the most powerful branch of Warcraft. Even a newborn dragon is a sixth-order being. Adult dragons are at least the ninth order of cultivation. Some particularly powerful dragons can also become tenth-order mythical beasts. I heard that there are only seven or eight dragon magicians in Big 6. Dragons are extremely arrogant, and it's hard to get their approval. Frey smiled and said, "Seven or eight?"? That's just what most magicians know. Or the news that the magician's guild is over. In fact, as far as I know, the number will not be less than 20 at least. I can tell you secretly that there are at least four dragon magicians in our Tiangan Academy. The overall magician strength of our Heavenly Stem Academy is enough for any empire in the world. This time, even Ji can not help but be shocked, although he has a high estimate of the Tiangan Academy, but how can not think of, unexpectedly strong to such an extent. Fury went on to say, "Besides, dragons are powerful, but they are not the only ones.". There are also some special Warcraft that can be cultivated to the level of the tenth order mythical beast. You will know more when you are promoted later. Now we should go out. There is thunder instead of walking,large ficus tree, five hundred miles, absolutely less than an hour. -------------- Today's third chapter is coming. As soon as the child was ill, the third child was so distressed that he gritted his teeth and insisted on finishing the chapter and went to accompany his daughter. The data of Yin and Yang Crown will be handed over to the book friends. The mistress will try her best to write it. Chapter 63 "Magic Weapons" (Part 2).