1. We have a lot of experience in 3D
Since 2015, PowerDe has successfully developed various large-area 3D curved shape full-fitting devices for international first-tier automotive electronics enterprises, which are used to process OLED automobile display screens. The products processed by these equipment are not only large in area and small in 3D curvature, but also irregular in 3D surface and high in environmental reliability of materials, so the processing is very difficult. But these industry difficulties, such as bubbles, rebound, deformation, processing accuracy, etc., have been overcome by PowerDe one by one.
2. Machine diagram
3. The machine function
Semi-automatic 3D vacuum lamination machine is a high-tech. equipment with CCD vision automatic alignment design. Developed for various Touch panel and Touch, Lens, OCA soft to hard, soft to soft lamination and other optical components lamination technology. Basically eliminate the bubble produced by the bonding. The antigravity vacuum unit prevent the film from stretching in the bonding process銆両ndentation Newton ring and other functional defect. Suitable for rigid/flexible lamination between glass substrate and various functional films and rigid/flexible lamination between films.
Manually remove OCA glue and ITO or FILM. With CCD system automatic alignment锛宼he attach precision can reach 卤0.1mm.When the positioning adjustment is complete, press the start button with both hands, flip structure flip锛宼he Start lamination. The alignment point can be changed according to the product, the replacement model is very convenient, especially suitable for small batch, diversified production.
2.1 The equipment is suitable for the soft to hard, soft to soft bonding (OCA bonding) process of OCA and ITO films with 200*300 and below sizes.
4. The machine structure
4.1 Equipment unit
No.ItemSpecification and parameterQuantity or requirementRemarks
4.1.1Frame2500*1600*2200 L*W*H1 ea
4.1.2CG vacuum moduleCG flip lift +CG vacuum adsorption clamp1 set
4.1.3Thin-film vacuum componentFilm positioning clamp2 sets
4.1.5Clamping deviceCylinder (or electromagnet)4 sets
4.1.6Vacuum systemVacuum generator + vacuum pump2 sets
4.1.7CCD alignment systemIntelligent camera system1 set
4.1.8Operation interfaceIPC + touch screen1 set
4.2 Working chamber part
No.ItemSpecification and parameterRemarks
4.2.1Vacuum chamber size550*500*300
4.2.2product size200 x 300 and below
4.2.3Stage operation modeX銆乊銆佄窤utomatic Angle adjustment
5. Unit description
5.1 The machine performance
No. ItemSpecification and parameter Remarks
5.1.1Equipment capacity锛圕/T锛歝ycle time锛?/p>About 25ses/1pce, production at 20hrs/day: about 3000pcs/day
Operation time 鈮?8%With 5.5 "soft to hard as the standard test, the single cycle time is about 20 seconds
5.1.2Equipment failure rate鈮?%
5.1.3Yield鈮?8%NG incoming materials are not included
6. Hardware detail specification
No. ItemsSpecification and parameter Remarks
6.1External dimension( mm)machine width: about 1600
machine length: about 2500
machine height: about 2200
6.2Machine weight (Kg)About: 1000
6.3The machine colorMachine surface spray treatment, color for computer white, other parts surface chrome or oxidation treatment
6.4Flip structure1) motor: 1 set
2) Gear precise drive
3) the motor has its own braking function to prevent the structure from falling when power is cut off
6.5Lamination unitLamination with roller
pressure display: mechanical. Unit: MPA
Lamination pressure: 0.05 ~ 0.5mpa.
7锛塴amination size: 200*300 and below.
6.6The clamping unitclamping unit: the cylinder is locked
6.7Adsorption unitone set of vacuum generator + one set of vacuum pump
vacuum degree of vacuum generator: -80.0kpa.
7. Equipment processVacuum Laminating Machine price