Dongturbo Electric Company Ltd (DTEC) is an international corporation, with its headquarter in Chengdu, China, and manufacturing bases in Deyang and Kunming, China, mainly engaged in the manufacturing of power electric equipments, EPCC(engineering, procurement, construction, commissioning), investment & finance, and export and import business. DTEC also has branches and joint venture in Malaysia, Thailand and the Philippines. Our business scope covers EPC, supply equipments and materials for thermal power including boiler, turbine, generator and their auxiliaries, BOP, electric and C& I etc; EPC and equipment supply for PV, thermal solar power, Wind &PV hybrid and energy storage system; spare parts supply and power plant. We have established close partner relationship with design institutes, manufacturers, erection companies, traders and end customers both in China and all over the world.
We were founded in 2007, and since then, we actively and continuously engaged in the domestic and global electrical markets. Our professional engineering, project management contributed to the success of the contracted projects, meanwhile, we also shared a lot from those success, we became technical expertise for systematic solution for power industry.
We are willing to grow with our customers and we always believe our success can only rely on the success of our customer. We are always prepared to provide the best solution to our customer, provide the best service to our customer, and make the greatest return to our customer.
Our Factory
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Our Product
EPC of power plant, steam turbine and parts, gas turbine and parts, hydro turbine and parts, wind turbine and parts, PV solar energy equipment and parts, LTO battery, TRT and retrofitting.
Product Application
Coal fire power plant, hydro power plant, wind power plant, solar power plant, biomass & MSW power plant, gas turbine power plant, Top Gas Recovery Turbine Unit(TRT) for Blast Furnace
Our Certificate
Export/import License, Business License, Quality Management System Certificate(ISO9001:2015)
Production Equipment
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Production Market
Our products are export to South Asia, Africa, Middle East, Europe, North America
Our Service
Before the customer orders, we will communicate with the customer carefully, understand the customer's needs and specific project situation, and give suggestions according to the customer's specific situation. After the customer orders, we will communicate with the customer about the product production situation in time and provide the customer with installation guidance service and equipment use training service. In the process of customers using products, if problems occur, we will communicate with customers in 24 hours, and analyze the reasons and provide solutions for the problems that occur to customers.Customized Top Gas Recovery Turbine Unit Equipment