Available products:
Rhodiola rosea Powder Extract:
Rosavins 1% & Salidroside 1%
Rosavins 3% & Salidroside 1%
Rosavins 5% & Salidroside 2%
Other standardized specification available for our factory.
Rhodiola rosea health benefits:
Anti depression & help mood relax;
Cure altitude sickness;
Antioxidant and anti-aging;
Dietary supplements(tablet, capsule, granule, etc.)
Function food
Cosmetic & personal care
Quality control: IdentiPureTM
IdentiPureTM is neither a high-technology nor a fashion, it鈥檚 the honest to nature. As a professional manufacturer of genuine herbs and botanical extracts, we adopt and report a comprehensive science based identification to the products we offer...
Rosavins 3% & Salidroside 1% Specification Data for reference: Customized specification available.
ItemsSpecificationTest method
Organoleptic:Fine brown to reddish brown powder with characteristic taste and odourOrganoleptic evaluation
Identification:Positive by TLCTLC
Loss on drying:3%HPLC
Arsenic (As):