There are also many special automotive products, including parts used in automobile refitting, test instruments for car shock absorbers, etc. These are parts with high precision, which need special machines and professional technology to achieve. We have full servo motor high precision CNC machine tools. We can provide mechanical automatic arm high precision aluminum, copper, stainless steel parts manufacturing and customized services. They are a group of very young and promising young designers with very successful design cases. We validated corrective or improvement measures and tracked the treatment results and analyzed the causes. In addition, all kinds of exquisite patterns carved by laser have a certain advanced level. Furthermore, AFI's customers are scattered all around the world. As customers' needs are our goals, so it is also our great pleasure to work for small and medium-sized customers.
Product name: Precision CNC component
Raw material: AL6061
Manufacturer: AFI Metal Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Production Process: CNC turning - CNC milling
Application: accessory of golf club
Surface treatment: 2 times anodizing
Tolerance: 0.01mm
Drawing format: PDF锛孌WG锛孖GS锛孲TP锛孲LDPRT锛孹_T锛孭RT and so on.
Certification: ISO9001锛孲GS
Surface finish: Ra0.1 - Ra12.9
Measurement: 垄16*55
Quality control: GB/T19000-2000
Inspection standards: MIL-STD-105D or 100% inspection
Measuring tools: 3D CMM, 2.5D projection, caliper, micrometer, altimeter, tooth gauge, PG gauge, thread gauge
Manufacturer: China AFI metal production factory
Weight: 33g
Lead time: 7 - 10days
Manufacturing equipment: Turn-milling compound machine
Transport via: by sea锛宐y air锛宐y express
Production standards: JB/T 5438-2008Customized Turn-milling Compound Parts